Take Away Buffet

Single dishes or full course meals for your all occasions.

Welcome to the

Hit-n- Run Snack Shack in Canal Flats.

Nestled in the majesty of the Kootenay Valley, the Hit-n-Run Snack Shack in Canal Flats is found right off Highway 93. If you are looking for some great home cooking with a splash of fun you are in luck! Not only does the Snack Shack have fantastic treats to enrich your morning, we also offer sensational lunch and dinner options.



Meet the cook behind the yum!

Hi, my name is Joi

I opened the Snack Shack in Canal Flats because cooking for others has always been a part of my life. For many years I spent my summers as a camp cook in a gold mine in the Yukon and spent my winters on the West Coast, volunteering as the hot lunch lady at the high school and food mentor for youth groups.

For me, nothing brings more joy than the look of delighted surprise on people’s faces when they try my cooking for the first time. Except getting to know them when they keep coming back for more!!

Our Goal

At the Snack Shack in Canal Flats, our goal is to be open early, stay open late and provide delicious take-away food throughout the day. We aim to offer a variety of convenient items that are both affordable and nutritious. Our menu will adapt to our customer’s desires and we will do our best to keep up with your demand.

Our Values and Dreams


Once the gallery and farmer’s market are open in the summer, our highway location will draw in the travellers, potentially helping the local economy.